Compost Your Roast

Food waste makes up some 12 percentage of waste in our landfills, According to the US EPA, food waste is the #1 least recycled material.

Modern landfills are sealed to prevent toxins from getting into the water supply and don’t allow for oxygen to penetrate the many layers which means food waste won’t biodegrade properly. However the food waste in landfills do break down to produce methane, Methane is estimated to have more than 20-times the climate change effect of carbon dioxide. This methane can eventually be released into the atmosphere to form yet another means of speeding up global warming. An article on MSNBC says “landfills are the largest source of methane emissions in the U.S.”

Garbage disposals aren’t a green solution as untreated food scraps often could end up in various waterways. This causes nutrient build ups and ruins aquatic ecosystems.

So the best solution for food waste is to compost. There are many ways to go about it, Check out our previous Great Green Gadgets article here on kitchen composting.
The Naturemill Automatic Composter is one of better indoor composters that can start to change our dismal statistics with food waste in the landfill.

Office Grind Inc and Compost Your Roast was
founded after observing pounds and pounds of coffee grounds being thrown in the trasg daily by office employees.

Independently owned and operated,

Every day hundreds of Anadarko employees fuel up at the office coffee bars. But what happens to the dark, steaming, gritty coffee grounds that are left over from each brewing?


The majority gets trucked to the neighborhood Landfill and municipal solid waste disposal sites. Where as an organic waste they create methane, which is a greenhouse gas. Methane is known to be 25% more harmful than carbon dioxide, another greenhouse gas that causes global warming. But now you can helps in reducing the amount of waste going into landfills. Take an initiative to divert your used coffee grounds and filters out of landfills and help take a step in reducing your contribution towards greenhouse gas emissions.

Like Anadarko we are passionate about the environment. The company’s primary goal is to produce a local product and deliver it locally so these aromatic grounds can end up in area gardens instead of the landfill. The compost is produced in Montgomery county is available to participating corporation and it’s employees at 20% less co-op rate. Our electrical needs are met by 100% green power, and our delivery trucks run on bio-diesel fuel. In addition, our coffee ground collection bags are made of 20% post consumer recycled plastic.


Our ready compost is packaged in used dog food/cat food bags collected from local shelters. Our Compost teas are packaged in recycled water bottles, soft drinks bottles, milk jugs and 5 gallon food buckets.

Our composting areas are former waste land that has been cleared by humans but later abandoned due to flooding in water shed areas. As compost pile cooks it enriches land below it. When we move the compost pile to new location previous location is planted with native plants which will restore the land to its previous glory.


Our office is repurposed used ocean shipping container. That is retrofitted into a green office. Our electricity is generated by solar and wind mills .

Our employees are returned war veterans, Women from Women Shelter who are trying to escape abusive life and young entrepreneurs. Our employees are our business partner and are vested in the business giving them incentive to provide excellent service to our clients for.

As the fight over new Landfill in the county raged it was observed that cutting our trash is a much needed

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